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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  November 7, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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water pressure. right now, officials to nothing people will lose their water. this is a complicated situation. you have a 60 inch water main break and below it, there is a gas line. water began gushing out of the ground around 8:00 this morning. >> i think it is bad. we do not have water at all. >> it is a mess. >> a 60 inch water main had ruptured, sending thousands and thousands of gallons of water down the street. this parking lot was full of water. >> there are cars that are half under water.
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bge was brought in because there is also a gas main under the broken water main. >> we have also cut off natural gas to every customer. we're working in partnership with the city to make sure they gas main underneath the break is actually not impacted. we may have to reroute some services. that is more of a precautionary thing right now. >> the pike in question was installed in the 1920's. it is one of many pipes that have ruptured in recent years in the city. >> another indication of ould infrastructure the mayor has talked about. as we work toward the setting up programs to mitigate this in the future. >> the water flow from the broken main had slowed but as
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one firefighter told us, that is a lot of water to beat -- to deal with. >> there is still water coming into the streets. not as much as even the pictures we took a little better gear this afternoon, gradually turning the water off. of course, this is affecting traffic in and around the area and you can hear up above. capt. roy, at what is the situation? >> this is a bird's-eye view of the area at 20th street where the epicenter of the water main break has taken place. water is working its way southbound toward north avenue. if anyone is trying to use it to go home, you can go northbound up to the expressway by penn station. but there you must get off and go northbound.
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no. avenue and 20 street and the other small streets between maryland avenue and st. paul street are shut down. traffic is being diverted by police because of the break at the location. >> thank you. happening right now, a nor'easter is bringing wind, rain, and even snow. tom tasselmyer is tracking the system. >> it looks like this storm is a little farther offshore and taking a slightly different track. all that bodes well for us in maryland as far as avoiding the worst impact of the storm which is over the atlantic on the east of the jersey shore. again, a little farther offshore and instead of moving west, it is moving toward long island. it is producing some snow, and some of that could wrap around the storm into our area.
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you will see there is a winter weather advisory. even that is a precaution in case some of the snow sticks to grassy areas. most of that will be east of us in delaware and eastern pennsylvania. the ground should say less as well. a weaker storm moving north instead of vinland. -- of inland. >> we are here at the boardwalk right now. just to show you, it is a relative ghost town because a lot of people might have been forced out there is another storm coming. nothing similar about this except the waves. i want to show you out there, anywhere from 7-10 feet, which is what we saw during sandy. folks are relieved to dodge another toss by another nature. >> it appears ocean city dobbs
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to another bullet. the threat of a passing nor'easter seems to be skirting the coast rather than crashing into it. it certainly is not a superstar and sandy. it reminds you of it at heights of 2 9 feet. >> right now it is nasty. >> does that concern you? >> actually, we will be out of here. as for the locals and the beach, it will make a mess of this place. >> on wednesday, ocean city was seen moderate rainfall and minor flooding. like here on st. louis avenue, we even found one volunteer firefighter who told us this is exactly what people were expecting. >> we had a meeting last night and they told us it is going to
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be flooding and stuff like that. nothing big on sandy. >> we clocked sustained winds from 15-25 miles an hour. certainly nothing like sandy been enough to help push surges in just a little bit. >> the water will be in the low- lying area. we are prepared for it. >> they have been monitoring the storm since monday and feel relatively confident things will be ok. that is a relief considering what the city has to do with a week ago. >> we were not happy to hear there was another system coming up the coast. we did recover very quickly from sandy. the only concern is we are going to see more water downtown. we feel for the people downtown but they are used to this. >> it looks like we will continue to have rain that we are, maybe mixed in with some
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style in the thirties. for the most part, things should be good heading into tomorrow. the next high tide is around 2:30 in the morning. they are expecting like what they sought today. wbal tv 11 news. >> of the dust is settling in the race for the white house leaving many asking how they and mitt romney lost the election. >> in the meantime, democrats are asking for and and too partisan gridlock. here is a look at the map of florida, it is still in play tonight but it does not matter. president obama has captured the enough votes. >> steve handelsman is in chicago where the president's focus is avoiding another crisis. >> good afternoon, president
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obama telephoned congressional leaders, urging bipartisan cooperation, hoping the vote was the jolt needed to get things done. >> reelected with 300 and bullet tore all boats, president obama went back to the white house, hoping is a victory and break gridlock. , putting aside florida, the president dominated the election map. victory across the battleground states. obama backers celebrated his win. harry reid, whose majority got bigger, it demanded the house republicans cut deals on taxes and spending. >> the american people want us to work together. republicans want us to work together. >> mitt romney called for compromise. >> at a time like this, we
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cannot risk political posturing. our leaders have to reach across the aisle. >> how did the people of america reject him? one reason is our population has changed. a smaller share of whites voted, 72%. more minorities and young people. chambers that favored democrats like barack obama. >> whether i earn your vote or not, i have listened to you. i have learned from you. >> some republicans say they have lent -- >> if we do not change, we're going to go extinct. >> in a nation that gave barack obama four more years. bipartisanship -- the fiscal cliff, tax hikes and spending cuts come in seven weeks. steve handelsman, at wbal tv 11 news.
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quite significant changes on the way in maryland with the referendums passing on the ballot. the most controversial, in favor of same-sex marriage. 52% of maryland voters in check yes. the news brought some emotional victory chance after a hard- fought battle. kim has more on what is next. >> last night, maryland was one of four states to legalize same- sex marriage. it is the first time it has passed in an election as a valid question. this was such a heated issue, what happens now? the headquarters of marriage quality is buzzing with congratulation and energy after question 6 past, legalizing same-sex marriage. >> we are really excited. january 1, 2013, gay and lesbian couples are going to get a
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state-issued a marriage license. we won one of the largest coalition efforts the state has ever had. >> tuesday's election was the first time the bill has ever passed as the ballot item. the credit months of running a grass-roots campaign. >> i believe because of the diversity of the coalition. it is about the fact we ran a localized campaign. >> not everybody is happy about the passage. it faced opposition from supporters of traditional marriage. nearly split, 52-48. he has opposed it since the beginning. >> i was disappointed. life goes on. disappointed because the state is so evenly divided over the issue. >> he is not sure where it leaves the movement. as far as he is concerned, it is
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a done deal. >> we live in a democracy. >> the people say their work is not done yet. >> this was a large and diverse coalition that palau something that is historic and will have an effect across the country. we're going to continue going forward. >> they say that could mean similar groups in other states. >> late breaking developments and in the investigation. >> a sexual assault from last month linked to similar cases throughout the city and county. throughout the city and county.
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>> dozens are looking for a new place to live tonight after an apartment building went up in flames. 60 firefighters were called to the scene along the 2000 block. it took them 30 minutes to get the blaze under control. there were some people inside but they managed to escape. >> some startling new developments, two of men arrested for abducting and assaulting a girl last month are now linked to a dozen kidnappings and sexual assault
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cases in baltimore county. we first reported the case on october 2. police say they kidnapped a 17- year-old girl as if she got off a bus. they are accused of forcing her into a vehicle and robbing her. police say they are the man behind a violent crime spree preying on 11 victims. they abolished robbery, kidnapping, sexual assault and rape. several of the victims were college students. officials will release more information at a press conference tomorrow afternoon. sheila dixon is responding to the charges he violated her probation by skipping payments on her restitution. we broke news of those charges yesterday and jane miller joins us downtown with an update. >> she has been told to report to court next month.
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this presents a slippery slope for the former mayor. her pension could be at risk. >> the economy has been a factor. >> explaining why she has fallen behind on court ordered restitution. it -- as part of a deal after being found guilty of stealing gift cards -- >> it is with deep regret and sadness i am resigning from there. >> she resigned and was ordered to pay $45,000 to charity. probation officials accuse her of -- >> i have been trying to catch up and now i'm going to work harder to get this behind me. that is the bottom line. i feel sorry for those in worse conditions than i am. >> at risk as her pension. she got to keep it because it included probation before judgment. but it could be wiped out and
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put a criminal collection on her record. >> i hope it does not. i hope the judge can understand, it is not like i have been playing. >> if it's determined she has violated her probation, and the court changes or does something, we would have to review it. >> her successor commented on her new legal trouble. she has been rumored to be thinking about running again. >> the fact we are talking about it now with a violation of probation, it is pulling the scab back again. >> if she has a political plan, she declined to answer. >> i have no comment right now. >> she made a restitution payment on october 2 of the share about missed a bunch of
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payment before that. she is due in court before the thee, ahe presided over criminal case against. she hopes to get the situation rectified later this week. >> now your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> precipitation moving into the region throughout the day in continuing to show up. light rainfall among the baltimore area, picking up in intensity to our east and in some locations, we are seeing a little bit of snow, especially in southern new england. it will be on the colder side of the storm for several hours. that is a few hundred miles northeast of new jersey. you can see the moisture around the backside of that and will be in our area. so far, totals have been very
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light. just a trace at the airport so far today. that is the first of the month. the monthly deficit is almost eight tenths of an inch. 33.6 inches is where we stand for the year. that is 2.4 inches of short of normal. the airport, a chilly day. it has been averaging eight to 10 degrees below normal and we only had 44 did it. 60 would be the normal high for the seventh day of november. 22 the record low. cold stuff out west. the storm a few hundred miles off the coast. western maryland avoiding the impact of this nor'easter. more weather on the lower eastern shore where temperatures are dropping. it is possible some snow could fall or at least mix in with their rain. in the areas where it comes down hard enough, there may be an
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accumulation. and inch or so it possible into delaware, parts of the eastern shore. that would be on ranches and things like that that are colder. the weather service's maintaining a winter weather in advisory over in delaware as well as southern pennsylvania and into new jersey. then farther north and east to go, the more likely you will encounter some wintry weather. rain showers and a wet snow. that will taper off after midnight. it will continue to be breezy as the storm goes toward the coast of new england. the skies should clear and the sunshine tomorrow afternoon. that will take us into friday, saturday, and sunday with dry conditions and winds shifting to the south. expect above normal temperatures.
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high temperatures, 51-56. partly cloudy skies. it will be breezy and out there. small craft advisory, weighs around 3 feet. a gusty wind. up in the mountains, they are missing much of the impact. up to 50 was sunshine on friday. eastern shore, skies are clear tomorrow. breezy, temperatures into the 50's at the coast, the sun comes back tomorrow. a beautiful day on friday. look at the weekend. temperatures will continue to climb over the weekend. veterans day looks beautiful. 68 monday. >> sounds nice. what a clue to your risk for heart disease? take a look at her reflection. >> what you see in the mirror could be a sign of serious risk. what to look out for when it comes to your heart and the
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years, when we come back. >> the president obama is ready to get back to work but
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>> it this time last year they were trying to figure out how to rebuild the now with his back open and ready to be served 00 -- to serve. the owners say the redesign is even better than the original building. >> congressional leaders have issued a subpoena for the director of the pharmacy link to the outbreak of meningitis. the co-founder reportedly declined to appear before congress last week. commerce officials say he indicated that he would not attend the hearing.
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more than 400 people have been sickened by steroid shots. 29 died. tining hair, wrinkles, all of those signs of aging could also be a signal for heart attack risk. researchers analyzed data from a study on heart disease looking for a link between signs of aging and an aging heart. people who had three or four signs, fatty deposits around the eyes or your the creases had a 57% increase risk for heart attack. doctors should routinely check their patients for visible signs of aging. meanwhile, new research is underscoring how difficult it is to prevent heart disease. the study showed that it drugs and supplement meant to improve heart health are not working. it looked at a pill meant to improve cluster all.
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-- cholesterol. taking fish oil did not prevent a form of the regular heartbeat. >> still ahead, the threats of more coastal flooding along the coastline of the new york and new jersey. and as much as 12 inches of snow further inland. a report from trenton, new jersey. >> they are calling it a victory for education. coming up, we will put a
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>> you are watching wbal tv 11
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news at 5:00 p.m., with donna hamilton, your forecast with tom tasselmyer, and covering breaking news where you live. wbal tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. continues now. >> you are taking a look at the ocean city boardwalk as in other coastal storm passes by and once again it looks like ocean city has botched a bullet. the same cannot be said for new jersey and new york which are being hit by rain, wind, and even snow. for the second time in two weeks, residents have been warned to clear out. >> jay has the latest from trenton, new jersey. >> the damage and difficulties stretched for miles. >> everybody got hit. >> and it now millions along the
5:31 pm
east coast must deal with a second storm. >> it is expected to arrive with heavy wind and rain today through tonight and into tomorrow morning. >> a harsh nor'easter has started dumping heavy snow in connecticut. plows have been moved into place. but there is a difficulty in trying to protect an area already ravaged by sandy. hundreds of thousands are without power. in other places, homes and communities have been wiped away. this latest round of weather will likely set back the recovery. >> i can see us moving backwards. people who have power, losing power. >> an overwhelming task of cleanup will become even more difficult. >> we have a lot of stuff in the street. the snow and ice gets mixed
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with things that are out there. >> the storm is already chipping away travel. flights have been delayed and canceled. a situation that is only expected to get worse. >> you can see the snow coming down next with a little rain. it is going to be like this come up and down the east coast for the next day or so. happening at the worst possible time, just over a week after sandy with so many communities trying to start to clean up. now all put on hold. likely will not be able to get back to that work until sometime this weekend. the primary concern right now is so many without power and heat. they have been asked to move to higher ground, into areas family and friends. shelters have been providing refuge for so many who had been dealing with sandy now dealing with this winter storm. that is the latest from trenton,
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new jersey. back to you. >> you can see the latest forecast as it is updated. radar, current conditions and the seven day forecast. >> here is a look at our other top stories. crews are racing to fix a what -- massive water main break, which is already impacting the evening commute. 60 inches in very deep underground between charles and 20 of street. here's a look right now, charles street is a short down north of penn station including north avenue, 21st and 22nd. you are advised to avoid the area. also closed, the charles theatre. the alliance may have been a long but according to new numbers, voters turned out was lackluster at best. the unofficial number it, including early voting, 69%,
5:34 pm
down from 78% in 2008. if this number holds, the election will have the lowest turnout in maryland of any presidential election since 1984. >> but it brought about some big changes with all of the referendums on the ballot. >> they have voted to allow illegal immigrants to pay in state tuition and with a final count of 59% for the measure. >> we are joined by tim. how are people reacting? >> a lot of excitement. it finally got past after a decade and a long fight. supporters will be the first to tell you it has been a fight for fairness and the victory comes a year after the governor signed the dream act into law. >> it means a lot to me because i know that i will be able to go to school and earned a lot of
5:35 pm
money. >> she is a student at baltimore city community college. she had to pay out of state tuition even though she is a maryland high school graduate. for her it has been a long time coming. >> i was going crazy. i was jumping everywhere. i was calling everybody to say thank you for voting. >> come the first of the year, the bill will be cut by half. maryland residents pay $88 per hour. out of state, $210 per hour. with the dream act, she will save $120 per credit hour. he says he can now afford to start school in january. >> i will be able to attend community college in baltimore.
5:36 pm
and get a higher education. the community in baltimore, it just to be able to study communications one day. >> a dream that seems closer to reality for thousands of students. >> it is important because at least i know i will be able to go to school and i will work on my books and not on how i'm going to pay for school. >> it is a fight. it comes with a lot of hard work and dedication. here we are today saying, yes, we did it. united weekend. >> students who qualify for the tuition rate must dart out that many college. once they graduate, they can qualify for the same discount at a four year university. >> a great opportunity. with all of the push for people to vote, there were some who complained about voting machines.
5:37 pm
>> he says he has the video to prove it. >> what is next?
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>> covering the nation, a cell phone video of a voting irregularities has gone vital. it was apparently not registering los correctly sell a voter recorded the problem. it shows the man pressing to vote for obama but a check mark appears next to romney's name instead. he tried it several times and found a way to vote for obama. he alerted paul workers who returned to service. pictures taken inside polling stations may be violating the law. prosecutors say many prohibit cameras inside polling places and do no lot -- do not allow people to show their ballots. >> he was officially charged today for his role in the jerry
5:41 pm
sandusky scandal. he was a rain multiple charges including lying under oath, failure to report a crime, and child endangerment. he is accused of conspiring in covering up the of the use of several young boys. a judge set bail at $125,000. he has also been ordered not to leave the state of pennsylvania. >> as your child grows, their clothes should be getting tighter. >> one brand is having the opposite problem and parents are getting concerned. details tonight. >> covering the ravens, back at home facing the raiders. we will tell you what has been salivating. >> low pressure off the jersey coast could produce some rain or snow. we will check the forecast. right now it is 41 at
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>> coming up, and election day is over and now it is back to work in washington. we will take a look at the issues. those for and against same-sex marriage and expanded gambling are making their voices heard.
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baltimore has a perfect record at home. return home where they have not lost a game in two years and facing an opponent that allowed one of the greatest rushing days in the history of the nfl. it would be safe to assume they are salivating for the opportunity to run again. doug mark and took apart the defense in embarrassing fashion. he tacked on for good measure. they tried to keep their control under -- their excitement. he has yet to enjoy that monster game. >> you are not salivating? >> obviously you look at it, you do start getting excited when you see it happening. you want to know what happened why these kinds of things happened.
5:46 pm
after looking at the film, it was a lot of them missing tackles. >> others found it simpler not to get too excited. it served as a reminder of their own struggle stopping the run. >> i am sure people look at us the same way. >> he has provided the -- >> the running back made a lot of great runs. >> however, if ever they seemed ready to score, that opportunity comes on sunday. the ravens will have to deal with a quarterback who actually has a track record of success and comes off a game in which he threw four touchdown passes. >> now your 11 insta-weather
5:47 pm
plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> here is a picture of the boardwalk. the rain has been mixing with some snow. you can see the impact of this current offshore storm, the nor'easter east of new jersey, having a minimal impact. it is rough on the coast. certainly the whether staying out to sea and farther north of us. as compared to sandy, it is farther offshore and is moving north instead of west. all of that is good for us. we avoid the worst of it. the snow is coming down. some very strong winds on the coast as well. we can show you winds are gusting over 40 miles an hour. also 40 at lewis, delaware. winds are gusting well over 40
5:48 pm
east of merit -- maryland and delaware. 43 mile an hour gusts. nothing like we saw with sandy. still significant, though. wind advisory inland, high wind warnings along the coast of new jersey. so far, they have been held down in maryland but it is getting chilly. 36 on the boardwalk. mixed precipitation the last hour at the airport. it is cold, even below freezing. tonight as the storm is moving fartherorth, there may be some wet snow mixed with the rain and might even stick to the ground in spots. the potential is there for an inch or so. especially to our north and east. they remain in a winter weather advisory overnight. around here, the rain will and
5:49 pm
by morning with lows in the 30's. the pavement temperatures are above freezing. even if snow does not occur, to not expected to cause problems on the roadways. that allows sunshine to return. once the sun starts building in, expects a different weather picture on friday and saturday. dry and mild into the weekend. 51-56 tomorrow with sunshine in the afternoon. a small crop -- craft advisory on the bay. that gets the wave is building to 3 feet. in the mountains, they are crawling out of the deep freeze. sunny skies on friday. 50 and even higher in to the weekend. eastern shore after the morning clouds, sunshine in the afternoon and a breezy day. 57 on friday. on the coast, the sunshine
5:50 pm
returns tomorrow afternoon. the seven day forecast, is the veterans day weekend sunday and monday. improving weather with highs in the 60's on saturday. we will stay in the 60's on monday before another batch of rain arrives. >> we begin a consumer alert with how wall street is reacting to the election. stocks are closing with their worst one day loss of the year as investors focus on problems in washington and europe. the dow jones industrial plant to finish at 12,000. the s&p 500 fell 34. and the nasdaq composite gave up 75 points. falling stocks overwhelmed, 5-1 on the new york stock exchange.
5:51 pm
a tax break from paying the irs. it is not extended by congress by the end of the year, homeowners will have to pay income tax on the portion of their mortgage that is forgiven in a foreclosure or principal reduction. more than 50,000 homeowners go through foreclosure each month. if the tax break is allowed to expire, 600,000 homeowners may be affected. at&t has agreed to pay $700,000 for mistakenly enforcing some smart form -- smartphone users into a data plan. new customers have to subscribe to a data plan but the requirement was not supposed to apply to existing subscribers. the company must now restore the older plants to affected customers and often -- offer refunds. parents across the country are
5:52 pm
growing concerned with a brand of stroller. it has to do with some loose straps. the brand is a bugaboo. more and more parents are noticing there is a problem. >> as she got older, the straps were extraordinarily loose. no matter how tight i could make them. he was able to actually physically stand up. >> that is know that. now the company is offering replacement straps with their new model. it has a much better harness. officials say the stroller complies with u.s. and international safety regulations and parents have been giving it a rave reviews. >> less than 24 hours after the approval of same-sex marriage,
5:53 pm
tourism groups are jumping the broom. the visit baltimore has a new micro site dedicated to weddings for same-sex couples. it has everything they need to know to get married from practical information on obtaining a marriage license to unique wedding venues and vendors. it has been supporting the same- sex marriage -- referendum and they have been organizing it for some time. in preparation for this day. we have a link on our website, wa -- they talked the talk, now people are waiting to see it in action. it has been promising jobs and revenue. when we can start to see some of the effects of question 7. >> and we had our eyes clues -- glued to the screen for election night. how people are reacting
5:54 pm
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>> america votes than the world reacts. news of president obama's reelection has been making headlines from japan to the uk. many watch parties were held in various cities and world leaders were quick to congratulate obama. we have the latest from london.
5:57 pm
>> people watched the election results come in alive. we went into a pub in london, crowds of brits, not americans, british citizens were in their cheering on the results. today we see reaction from world leaders. israel offered congratulations. >> i want to congratulate president obama on his reelection. i think the united states again demonstrated why it is the greatest democracy on earth. the security relationship between us is rock-solid. >> we are leaving from hearing from the taliban. obama and ron near pretty much the same enemy. they will continue to fight. and for president obama, who won his next term, he gets his first order of overseas business courtesy of david cameron. he was interviewed today on the border of jordan and syria.
5:58 pm
he said we must do more now. >> one of the first things i want to talk to barack about is doing more to try to solve this crisis. to putants the nation's more pressure on the assad regime and aid the rebels. >> that is all for us at 5:00. >> president obama is ready to give back to work but will a divided congress stand with him? >> 3 casino operators and react to expand gambling and they are offering something people want or need. >> the bill legalizing same-sex marriage passed last night. more on what that means now. >> you are watching wbal tv 11, alive, local, late breaking, this is 11 news at 6:00 p.m.
5:59 pm
>> are big story at 6:00, with the election behind us, it is back to work for lawmakers and the agenda is packed. democrats strengthen their hold on the senate but failed to recapture the majority in the house. it is one of the main hurdles of president obama. >> meanwhile, from same-sex marriage, all of the referendums on the ballot were passed. we have team coverage tonight. kim has reaction to the same-sex marriage law. david collins is covering gambling. first we begin with traci mitchell from washington, d.c.. >> people are frustrated with all of the fight thing in washington that they put the same president in office and the same congress. a second term and a second share for president obama. >> you have a certain amount of political capitou


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